Kritter Sitters of Minneapolis


We view pet care as a relationship, not just a service. We understand that trust takes time, and that it is a two-way street. 
We've learned over many years what clients require of us regarding care of their beloved pets and homes. 
With that in mind, we require clients to adhere to the following requirements to help us provide the best service possible: 

Veterinary Authorization: This form is required for service - NO EXCEPTIONS. To see the Vet Auth and its instructions, click 'FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS' tab.
ALL Clients MUST complete our Veterinary Authorization Form with FULL credit card information for use at Emergency Vet Services, or your vet - should it become necessary. 
o  Understand that this form stays in your home; we only access it for emergency purposes only (and to be sure it is correctly filled out). 
o  Understand that this simple piece of paper will get vet care started immediately if we are not able to reach you. Without it, your pet's care will be delayed until you are reached. 
o  Understand that - unlike waiters at restaurants, retail clerks, over-the-phone purchases, etc. - we are honesty bonded, and insured, with a professional reputation we care about. 
        If you frequently use your credit card for these types of transactions, but somehow feel you cannot trust us with your credit card information (that you can track online), 
         by all means, hire someone else. We wouldn't feel comfortable taking a key to your home, to care for your most precious pets, in that case.
I am happy to answer any further questions about why this policy is so important and why it was instituted, and allay any concerns you may have.    

Advance booking, whenever possible.  We'll try, but we can't guarantee availability for last-minute requests. 
Prompt and complete responses to email, texts or phone calls.  Please answer all questions - saves time avoiding repetitions and resends. 
Flight and Travel Itinerary, including airlines, destinations, times, dates. Please include time leaving house and returning again. 
Notification of travel delays or early returns - from your destination, whenever possible. 
Immediate phone call or text upon your return home - either from airport, or at the moment you get home. 
Timely payment - in our hands within 5 days of receipt of invoice. Late fees may apply.