Kritter Sitters of Minneapolis


  • 15-minute visit:  $16   (e.g. care for shy kitties, or quick potty breaks for dogs)

  • 20-minute visit:  $18   (e.g. basics for multiple pets, or shorter walks for older dogs)

  • 25-minute visit:  $20   (e.g. extra attention for outgoing cats, or longer walks for active dogs)
  • Each addl 5 minutes: $2

  • Overnight Stays:  
  • $90 bedtime thru breakfast
  • $100 bedtime thru breakfast, plus one additional daytime visit
  • $110 bedtime thru breakfast, plus two additional daytime visits
  • $120 bedtime thru breakfast, plus three additional daytime visits
     Cost is only about $12 an hour, a fantastic price! You pay for the amount of time that covers your pet(s) needs; any additional time they get is dependent on our schedule, and free of charge.  They almost always get lots of extra time :-). 

  • Rates are based on time needed to complete desired care; all pets included.
  • Rates are per-visit. Visit lengths can be varied (e.g. longer visit a.m.; shorter visit p.m., etc.).
  • Checks or PayPal.  All payments are due within 10 days of receipt.
  • Customers are billed after each booking (or monthly, for recurring assignments).
  • Advance billing may apply to new customers.
  • Extra charges may apply to some situations or to late payments.
  • Key pick-ups and drop-offs may be charged $10
  • Additional meetings for home moves, new pets, etc. will be charged regular visit rates.